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Most people say that a smile is the best makeup one can ever wear. It is what makes us beautiful. But there are times when we are not confident to smile widely showing our beautiful teeth. This may be because we think that our teeth need to be cleaned or whitened. Indeed, we need to have our teeth checked from time to time. Unfortunately, we were not really born with pearly white teeth. Most of us are born with ivory-colored teeth that get more yellow and even darker as we age. There are various things that contribute to the staining and discoloration of our teeth. Some of which are the colored food and drinks that we take, our lifestyle, the medicines we take, and most especially, smoking. Good thing we have Teeth Whitening, Aurora to help us whiten our teeth so that we can be confident again to show the world our beautiful smiles.

Nowadays, men and women value having good and clean white teeth. In fact, teeth whitening is now considered a well-known cosmetic dental treatment worldwide. Having clean and whiter teeth is now part of everyone’s self-care routine and is not merely considered a luxury. It is often associated with good oral hygiene, health, beauty, and attractiveness. Of course, who would not look attractive with those pearly white teeth? That’s why teeth whitener, Aurora is here to help you bring back your most beautiful smile.

Teeth Whitening Aurora CO

Why do you need a teeth whitening professional?

Teeth whitening aims to restore your teeth’ natural color by removing dirt and extrinsic stains from your teeth’ surface. It is also non-invasive and it provides immediate results and helps improve one’s smile in the simplest, fastest, easiest, and safest way. However, you can not just choose a teeth whitening product and use it without consulting your dentist. That is why it is always best to whiten teeth with the help of professionals. If you want to make sure that the procedure will be performed safely and correctly, then you must have your teeth cleaned and whitened by a dentist inside his or her clinic. 

What are the side effects of teeth whitening?

Most people do not really experience any side effects from teeth whitening, however, some may experience tooth sensitivity and soft tissue irritation. When this happens, your dentist may prescribe you a mild pain reliever and a tooth conditioner to ease the sensitivity. As for those who encounter soft tissue irritation, the gums may appear white for a time but will return to normal after a while.

What do you need to avoid after teeth whitening?

The process of teeth whitening does not end after the whitening treatment. The whitening solution that was absorbed by your teeth continues to work and bleach your teeth even after the procedure. The reason why your teeth can still be a lot brighter and whiter even after you visit your dentist. Since the pores are still open after whitening, there is a possibility that they will absorb stains much faster. That is why the dentist will advise you to avoid some things for at least 24 to 48 hours after your teeth whitening session. This includes alcoholic drinks, fruit juice, and any dark staining drinks, cigarettes, tobacco or vape, dark staining foods, and colored toothpaste or mouthwash.

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Teeth Whitening Aurora CO

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