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Dental veneers are thin covers that are applied on top of the teeth to make it look better in shape, size and color. Many people opt for dental veneers to have good looking teeth. Most of the time, the reason for getting veneers varies from person to person. The most common reason would be teeth discoloration that cannot be treated by bleaching anymore. Veneers give a color that is almost like a natural tooth which is why people who suffer from this condition choose to get dental veneers. Another reason is chipped, worn, misshapen or crooked teeth. Since veneers are placed in front of the natural tooth, it is easy to cover blemished teeth. Veneers Anaheim makes sure that even teeth that have a wide gap with other teeth or uneven spaces in between can also be helped by placing dental veneers.


There are important things you should take note when getting dental veneers:

Veneers Aurora CO
  • Healthy teeth and gums. It is important that your teeth and gums are healthy before you get dental veneers. If you put veneers over an unhealthy tooth, there would be a big chance that your natural tooth will not be saved and the veneer will be damaged. The same situation happens if you have unhealthy gums. Veneers Anaheim can help you address these problems with the help of our dentist. Keep in mind that having great teeth means being healthy as well.
  • Not advisable for people who clench or grind their teeth. Dental veneers are thin. If veneered teeth are clenched or ground, there is a huge possibility that the veneer will be chipped off or broken. Veneers Anaheim recommends the patient to wear a plastic dental guard at night if this situation is unavoidable.
  • Permanent process. Putting veneers requires removing some teeth enamel for it to fit well in your dental structure. Once this process is done, it is not reversible. The dentist cannot miraculously put the removed enamel back. The only way is to have dental veneers placed on those teeth. This gives the patient the responsibility to always take care of their dental veneers and to consistently have dental check-ups to have their veneers in check.
  • Veneers can become loose over time. Time affects anything and veneers are no exception. It is part of the normal wear and tear brought about by function and time. Taking proper care of your dental veneers can prolong its life; however, if the veneers have become loose or worn out, never hesitate to have them checked and replaced by your dentists. Veneers Anaheim will surely be happy to replace your old veneers with a new and improved one to keep that smile on your face going.


Just like any other dental procedure, it is important to give yourself some time to get used to your new veneers. If you feel like your bite is a little bit off or strange, do not hesitate to let your dentist know about it so it could be addressed quickly. A bad fit of veneers can also cause bad damage to your mouth so it is essential to let the dentist know if your veneers are comfortably placed on your teeth or not. Apart from that, proper oral hygiene is highly recommended for all patients, with or without veneers. Good oral hygiene saves us from all types of dental diseases, damages and other problems.

Veneers Aurora CO


If you are interested to know more about the services that Veneers Anaheim offers, as well as details about dental veneers, our lines are always open. Set an appointment, inquire, talk to us about your dental woes and we will be sure to help. Call Veneers Anaheim today and let us help you solve your problem with a wide and bright smile!

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